10 June 2011

Meter for meter

Here are some photos we have of Uchi Lounge construction...it was so cool we had to especially call in our photographer to take some professional shots before the project is finished.

Uchi Lounge has a long and skinny floor plate, very narrow access.
The restaurant area on ground floor, where we are working on at the moment, is 11m long and 4m wide but with an unusually high ceiling of 3.5m.
So here we have 2x 11m long steel beams penetrating the entire volume, supported off the end walls at either side of the 11m without extra support inbetween, exerting tremendous sense of existence within the peculiarly proportioned space.

Anyone curious about how the steel beams got into the restaurant in one piece through a very narrow door way?

Photo (c) Katherine Lu

The entry door way is to the left on the furthermost corner (spot the green exit sign?); the bright square in the centre of the photo is a bay window with fixed glass fronting the street. Photo (c) Katherine Lu

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