24 October 2010

Apple - desirable

In the excitement of new MacBook Air launching this week, we made a visit in the rain to Bondi Junction Apple Store.

What makes Apple so special?  I am starting to think about it as a luxury goods brand in the line of LVMH, rather than a technology brand (and what's better? it does both so very well!).

Being architects, we were quickly distracted by the unusual space.

interaction space to the rear of store. natural light floods in from above created a calm and serene atmosphere, as if time stood still in this space.

detail at corner with skylight. The aluminum wall cladding subtly reflects the light and creates a sense of illusive extension, space enclosed thus possesses a dreamlike quality.

wall panels responding to natural light from the above with soft shimmer and subtle colour variation.

detail at base of trees. perforated removable stone tiles covering the tree roots below to allow for air movement, moisture adjustment, and emergency maintenance access, whilst keeping in line with the minimalistic aesthetic of the store.

Having green in an interior space is not a new trick, but doing it well is another story.  I think the keys here are:

1, make sure the green is incorporated as an integral part of the overall space - this is an aesthetic decision, and every component in the space should be considered as a whole rather than piecemeal;

2, make sure the plants stay looking happy and healthy - this is largely functional, so the hassle for maintenance is minimised and that the aesthetic achieved will last.

... I think I can see similarity in the success of Apple products and Apple store spaces (or any successful design in that sense) .... there is beauty in function, and function in beauty.

Most importantly, there is consistency throughout.

Now Yoshi is swept off his feet by the 11-inch MacBook Air....I am finding it increasingly difficult to wait until the release of next generation iPhone......

ah the temptation...... and of course one has to try holding the new Macbook Air with 2 fingers like the poster....

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