29 October 2010

vote for Phamish and Water Moon!

We are thrilled with the shortlisting of our projects - Phamish Darlinghurst and Water Moon - at one of the most prestigious interior design awards in Australia, Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA Awards) 2010.

Voting for IDEA Awards' Designer of the Year: People's Choice Award is now open to public, voting closes Nov 10.

Please vote for Facet Studio under either Phamish Darlinghurst (HERE) or Water Moon (HERE)!!

overview of Phamish - panels featuring chrysanthemum flowers can be seen enclosing the shop, and lightbox projecting patterned shadows on the left.  Our task was to utilise the colours red and gold, together with patterns of chrysanthemum flowers, to create modern Asian-ness for this Vietnamese restaurant

close-up of the panels with backlighting.  We scattered the panels to maximise the effects of the chrysanthemum flowers, and incorporated indirect lighting behind to give sensitivity to the space

close-up of the lightbox.  The chrysanthemum pattern is also projected onto the ceiling to complete the sense of being surrounded by the flowers

atmosphere of the seating area within the shop. one of the triggering imagery for us was the view of people dining amongst chrysanthemum flowers....

view of Water Moon from the street. The design intension of inserting a new space into the existing context is clearly visible

plywood floor platform works in with the panelling on the side, and provides a smooth transition of various floor levels throughout the shop. horizontality at the centre (stacking plywood panels at the bar, horizontal gap between bar and lightbox, and the general geometry of lightbox) forms a subtle contrast with the verticality to the side of the shop (linear lighting, vertical panelling)

backlit sake bottles in the lightbox emits subtle and gentle light to illuminate the space as a centre focus point; like the moon in the night sky..

close-up of plywood wall panelling. the panels form a new enclosure of the interior space within the existing old building by offsetting and expressing the differences; space within a space. The panels also incorporate concealed linear lighting to subtly envelop the space.

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