22 October 2010

Water Moon awarded!

clink clink* Small announcement...

Water Moon Japanese Restaurant has won the Commercial Interior Category of the inaugural 2010 Intergrain Timber Vision Awards!

view of central lightbox and bar. Central bar is constructed of stacked plywood. Plywood wall panels enclose the space softly with hidden light source, allowing the central lightbox to project from within, colourful backlit shadows of sake bottles, illuminating the dark space

The judging panel said:
The interior of Water Moon restaurant is a celebration of the beauty of timber in its purest geometric form. An intuitive piece of design, the jury applauded the enchanting use of timber to recreate Japanese culture humbly and beautifully.

A timber light box in the core of the restaurant provides a canvas for the inviting colour and shapes of the sake bottles, while creating what the judges called "a subtle manifestation of a bento box". Timber sliding doors and panelling in hoop pine plywood complete the picture with a clever alternative to traditional paper screens.

To find out more, check out Intergrain Timber Vision Awards

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